Taste of India Restaurant Providence, RI - Reviews
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Indian cuisine is among my favorite ethnic foods, so when I was planning a trip to Providence, I naturally looked for one in the area. Taste of India is a small but cozy restaurant on Wickendon Street. The food was very good as I have come to expect of Indian restaurants. They serve dinner in the evening and a lunch buffet is available. The selections for the buffet were limited but satisfying enough. They also accept entertainment coupons so you can enjoy a good meal and save money at the same time.

After a long day and the dreaded thought of eating hotel room-service, I found a beacon of light in the "Taste of India" on Wickendon Street, Providence. When I called they were closing, but were so friendly that they stayed open for me. I was the last customer for them, and the food was just as good as I imagine it is at any other time of day. They greeted me with a smile and wished me well on my travels. As for the food - very authentic. I had Chicken Tikka Masala which came with basmati rice and homemade papadams. The food was flavorful and especially comforting at 10pm on a Monday Night, and came with all the trimmings. I would highly recommend it for any traveler or resident.

My husband swears by the lunch buffet; the staff is very friendly and attentive.

Food is excellent. Food tastes exquisite yet home cooking-like. Both times I went during dinner, I order the large platter with both meat and vegetable entrees (forgot the name of the platter). Plentiful amount of food and attention to detail in both taste and presentation of the entrees.